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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has built a massive network of modern roads linking all parts of the country, in addition to a railway network and air transport services offered by Saudi Arabian Airlines, the largest air carrier in the Middle East. Sea transportation has also witnessed rapid development, including the establishment of a number of seaports linking the Kingdom with the rest of the world.

1. Roads
The length of the Kingdom's road network reached more than 42,000 kilometers in 1995 (1415 H).
* The length of paved agricultural roads reached 96,000 kilometers in 1995 (1415 H).
* The cost of the roads total more than SR 130 billion.

2. Railways
The construction of a railway line linking the capital Riyadh with Dammam, the seaport on the Arabian Gulf coast, dates to 1951 (1370.H), during the era of the Founding King, Abdul Aziz. As part of the Kingdom's all-encompassing development a new line was constructed, allowing for the daily operation of four express trains, two in each direction. This reduced the journey's duration to four hours.

3. Air Transport
Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) is responsible for the transportation of passengers and baggage on its domestic and international flights. Saudia operates 107 planes of various types, including Lockheed, Tristar, Airbus and Boeing 747. It has more than 10,000 employees. 73% of its pilots are Saudis. In 1994, Saudia flew 12 million passengers.

4. Airports
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 25 airports. Three are international, eight regional and fourteen domestic. International airports include:

King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.
Thirty-five kilometers north of the capital Riyadh, it was opened in 1983 (1403 H). Built on an area of 225 sq. kilometers, its operational capacity is 7.5 million passengers annually.

Dhahran International Airport (Closed 1999)
Built in the Eastern Region in 1953 (1371 H), it was the Kingdom's first international airport. It is an international transit point for European and Asian airlines.

King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah
It was built in 1981 (1401 H) on an area of 105 sq. kilometers. Each of its three terminals is considered a separate airport. There is one for domestic flights, another for international flights and a third for pilgrim flights. Jeddah is the main air gateway for pilgrims.

King Fahd International Airport in the Eastern Region
This is the Kingdom's most modern airport, comprising an area of 780 square kilometers. Its facilities are state-of-the-art.

5. Seaports
The number of quays at the Kingdom's ports increased from 27 in 1975 (1395 H) to 182 in 1994 - 1995 (1414 - 1415 H), including 23 at Yanbu's King Fahd Industrial Port. There are 112 maritime companies in the Kingdom which owns 11 ships and has shares in 48 others.

The major seaports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are:
1.Jeddah Islamic Seaport.

2.King Abdul Aziz Seaport - Dammam, on the Arabian Gulf.

3.King Fahd Industrial Seaport - Jubail, on the Arabian Gulf.

4.King Fahd International Seaport - Yanbu, on the Red Sea.

5.Jizan Seaport - in the south of the Kingdom, on the Red Sea.

6.Jubail Commercial Seaport, on the Arabian Gulf.

7.Yanbu Commercial Seaport, on the Red Sea.

Secondary Seaports in the Kingdom include

1. Al Wajh Seaport Red Sea.

2. Haql Seaport Red Sea.

3. Dhiba'a Seaport Red Sea.

4. Al Kheraiba Seaport Red Sea.

5. Farasan Seaport Red Sea.

6. Rabigh Seaport Red Sea.

7. Al Laith Seaport Red Sea.

8. Al Qunfuda Seaport Red Sea.

9. Al Suhail Seaport Red Sea.

10. Al Khobar Seaport Arabian Gulf

11. Al Aqeer Seaport Arabian Gulf

12. Ras Abu Qamees Seaport. Arabian Gulf

These ports are run by the Saudi Ports Authority.




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