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Al Baha City Profile



Al-Baha City Profile


Al Baha is the headquarters of the Governor, local councils and branches of governmental departments. Receiving the state's special attention, the city of Al Baha abounds in educational, tourist and health institutions. The "Pearl of Resorts" is the name given to Al Baha by the fascinated visitors who become acquainted with the city.

Al-Baha region is rich in ancient mining sites. The sites of Khayal al Masna' and al-Aqiq were major gold mining areas; while the village of Kuna, where over one hundred building structures are located date back to South Arabian Civilization.

Geography & Location

Al Baha lies in the south-west of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia between the holy Makkah and Aseer. It is the smallest of the Kingdom's provinces (11,000 square km). It is surrounded by a number of cites, including Taif on the north, Beesha on the east, Abha on the south and the Red Sea coast city of Al Qunfuda on the west. This tourist city is situated in an area characterized by natural tree cover and agricultural plateaus.
It consists of six towns the most important of which are Beljarshy, Almandaq, and Almekhwah, in addition to the Baha city, the center of the province. The province comprises 31 administrative centers and has a population of 533,001.

The Province is known for its beauty and has many tourist attractions such as the forests, wild life areas, valleys & mountains that attract the visitors from all the parts of the kingdom and the Gulf area. Some of these areas are the forests of Raghdan, Ghomsan, Fayk, and Aljabal, and many other historical and archeological sites. It contains more than 53 forests.

The Province is famous for its production of honey, in addition to its agricultural production of vegetables, grain, fruit, and dates.



The climate in Al Baha is greatly affected by its varying geographic features. Generally speaking, the climate in Al-Baha is mild with temperatures ranging between 12-23 degrees Celsius. Due to its location above sea level, Al Baha's climate is moderate in summer and cold in winter. Due to its location at 2500 meters above sea level, the area attracts visitors looking for a moderate climate and pristine, scenic views.

In the Tihama area of the province, which is down on the coast, the climate is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. Humidity ranges from 52% - 67%.

While in the mountainous region, which is known as As-Sarah, the weather is cooler in summer and winter. Rainfall is higher in the mountainous region with falls in the range of 229 - 581 mm. The average throughout the whole region is 100-250 mm annually.


The Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia was once ruled by the Turks for many years.

The tribes of Al Baha are Ghamid and Zahran. In the past the area has been known variously as Ghamid and the Zahran region. Tribes in the region trace their origin to the famous pre-Islamic state of Saba whose rule extended to areas presently known as Syria and Lebanon. Historians also report that they established the famous state of Akoum, in Abyssinia.

Al Baha – An Oasis for Holiday Makers

The Province of Al-Baha is witnessing an unparalleled interest from holiday makers and visitors coming from both inside and outside the Kingdom, to spend the summer in its touristic areas and to enjoy its God-given gifts of beautiful nature, pleasant climate and varied topography.
The Al Baha region is among the most important tourist areas in the Arab world, boasting fresh air, dense forests, and beautiful valleys. Visitors from inside the Kingdom and nearly countries are particularly attracted to the area by its more than 53 forests displaying incredible beauty, which includes:
The most important touristic places in Baha are: Raghdan forest, Al-Mulad valley forest, Bida valley, Marzouk water falls Al-Zurayq, Al-Shahba, Jadr, Beni Zubian, Al-Khira, Al-Qama and Al-Kasran, as well as many parks and resorts, which have been set up by Al-Baha Municipality.


  • The Raghdan forest, which covers an area of 600,000 square meters. Five kilometers from Al Baha City, it has been provided with children's playgrounds and other amenities.
  • The Amdan forest is 55 kilometers to the north of Al Baha city. It abounds in olive trees, Arar shrubs, perfume trees and other natural vegetation.
  • The Wadi Feig forest is 8 kilometers from Al Baha city. Wadi Feq is encircled by a green valley littered with apricot, pomegranate, grape orchards and gardens.
  • The Wadi Al Aqiq forest is 40 kilometers from Al Baha and abounds in various fruit trees and tall lotus trees. Al Baha airport is in Ageeg city.
  • The Al Kharrara water fall is 30 kilometers to the south of Al Baha. Its scenic view attracts a large numbers of visitors.

Tourist & Leisure

he Al-Baha province has provided all kinds of facilities for the joy and relaxation of holiday makers and guests. It has prepared tourist sites and is providing services and has mobilized human resources to provide more services for everyone. To attract visitors, the area has been provided with many hotels, motels and parks in addition to historical fortresses that speak volumes about the history of this part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A number of complete tourism schemes have been implemented by the Committee for the Promotion of Tourism, including religious, cultural and social schemes and activities to allow people to spend the best time possible.

It is a tourism town lying in a green place full of steps planting, although it is in a dry region it has a moderate climate because of the moderate winter and mild summers. It has fresh air, beautiful valleys and big forests.

There are hundreds of historical castles to be visited in Al Baha.

The region boasts fine scenery, including mountains, valleys and forests. Combined with its equable climate, Al Baha has, in recent years, taken its place amongst the resorts in which Saudi citizens can holiday in summer, rather than going abroad.

A major summer resort located on Sarah Mountains and one of the most beautiful southern cities on the road linking Taif with Abha. Its nice forests like Raghadan makes you disbelieve that you are in Saudi Arabia. It is the land of one thousand and one watchtowers.
Baljurashi is a sister town at the head of an ancient seasonal camel trail so steep that is named “camel steps“. The camel steps of Baljourashi are a set of man made steps that allowed camels to rise up this escarpment. They extend all of the way down to the bottom.

bulletDhee Ayn (The marble village)
It is situated at about 24 km. southwest of al-Baha across 'Aqabat al-Baha. The famous village of Dhi Ain is sometimes known as "marble village" as it is built on a small marble mountain. The grove of palm trees is lush due to a small stream nearby. The villagers say that the marble village glows at sunset. It also has a steep escarpment road, running into and out of tunnels on the way up and down. Dhi 'Ain was famous for its fruits and banana plantations which still grow there. The village date back to about 400 years before present.

bulletAl Baha Summer Tourism Festival
The festival will present a number of activities and sports events, as well as a number of cultural, literary and religious programs.
Equestrian and Olympic marathon activities will be held as well as air shows.
A number of prizes will be given during this festival such as cars and flight tickets. In addition to daily draws and prizes of cash and gifts.




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