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Eastern Region

المنطقة الشرقية



The Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia


This region of the Arabian Peninsula was known as “Al Bahrain” which included the two oases “Al Ihsaa” & “Al Koteif” and Awal Island. Later the term “Al Bahrain” was limited to Awal Island and the islands surrounding it and became the new “Al Bahrain Kingdom”; whereas, the rest was pointed to as “Hajar” and later displaced by “Al Ihsaa” city since Al Karamita reign in the 4th century HIJRI. The term “Al Ihsaa” was derived from the region’s most known feature which is its waters closeness from the earth surface, so that anywhere dug, water was found in many directions. The Arabic word /al ihsaa/ is the plural of /hisa/ which means the stream of flowing water. And in 1370 HIJRI (1950 AD) during the reign of king Abd El Aziz Bin Abd El Rihman Al suoud (Mercy be on his soul) it was called The Easter Region and the emirate residency moved from El Hafouf city to Dammam which became the current capital


The region contains many antique and historical sites like the southern region of Dhahran which contains tombs related to the colonization periods of the Chaldeans, the Amalekites, the Phoenicians, and the Dasheyoun. When the Islam appeared into light all people of the region followed this religion originated by Prophet Muhammad who gave the authority for El Alaa Bin El Khedrami to govern the region in the sixth year of Hijra and built there the first mosque – Jawatha Mosque – which was the first to conduct the Friday prayer outside The Prophetic Mosque


The Eastern Region is located in the eastern part of the Kingdom between latitude 29.3 north and latitude 23.3 south, and bounded by longitude 51 to the east and longitude 54 to the west. The Region is triangle shaped where the Arabian Gulf constitutes the eastern side, and the second side is the southern border of the Kingdom with Oman and The Southern Republic of Yemen, and the third side is the borders neighboring to Riyadh and the northern region in the Kingdom


Hot in summer and moderate during the rest of the seasons; the annual average temperature is 25C, and the high temperature period starts in May and increases in June, July, and August where it reaches 45C. Whereas, January and February are considered the coldest months of the year, where the temperature reaches 10C; and the humidity is very high in the region

The Main Structure and Services in the Eastern Region

 Transportation Services:

The executed roadways network in the region is currently around 4360km with a cost of 6530 million riyal excluding the compensations for dispossession.

King Fahd Bridge:

The Governor of the two Honorable Holy Places, Fahd Bin Abd El Aziz, and Shaikh Issa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, the prince of the State of Bahrain commenced King Fahd Bridge which connects between the two countries in 26/11/1986 AD. Its length is 25km and its cost exceeded three milliard riyal and is considered one of the most famous projects that were done in the latest years to finish the chain of land routes between the countries of Co-operation Council especially that it resembles the only land gateway for the State of Bahrain which helped turn it from an island to a peninsula.

Investment and Touristic Areas:

The Eastern Region has various investment and touristic features which attracted lots of investors to carry out a number of touristic projects with huge capitals that reached milliards of riyals; this is due to the location of the Region which faces the Arabian Gulf Coast, in addition to other features among which:

The Eastern Region coast road: Is considered one of the most important recreational projects that were carried out during the last ten years. This coast contributes to the development and enhancement of the naval front side of the Region and contains different enjoyment and entertainment areas; and it is divided into two parts, one for Al Dammam with a length of 27km and width 65km, and another for Al Khobar province with a length of 12km and width 70km; where both parts contain green surfaces, parking, picnic and sitting places, and children playgrounds, in addition to El Hofaji coast which contains naval fronts in different places covered with green areas, and regions for practicing naval games.




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