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KFIA Project Summary


SECTION                        DESCRIPTION                        PAGE

1.0                        INTRODUCTION                        3

2.0                        HISTORICAL BACKGROUND                        5

3.0                        GENERAL PLANNING PARAMETERS                        6

4.0                        SITE DATA                        7

5.0                        AIRFIELD AND INFRASTRUCTURE                        8

6.0                        UTILITY SYSTEMS                        11

7.0                        SPECIAL SYSTEMS                        15

8.0                        PASSENGER TERMINAL COMPLEX                        16

9.0                        ROYAL TERMINAL                        19

10.0                        AIRLINE/AIRPORT SUPPORT FACILITIES                        20

11.0                        COMMUNITY FACILITIES                        23

12.0                        ANCILLARY FACILITIES                        25

13.0                        INDIVIDUAL OPERATOR FACILITIES AND

                        PRIVATE AVIATION FACILITIES                        26

14.0                        NURSERY COMPLEX                        27

15.0                        NORTH ACCESS ROAD ARTWORKS                        28

1.0         INTRODUCTION

1.1            DESCRIPTION

            This Project Scope Summary provides primary information and data of the King Fahd International Airport (KFIA), Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

            KFIA will serve the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is the third international airport developed by International Airports Projects (IAP) for the Kingdom. The new airport, located near major regional population centers, is constructed to meet increased demand in air traffic resulting from regional population centers and economic growth. It will replace the Dhahran International Airport for commercial operations. A passenger terminal, a Royal Terminal, runways and taxiways, airline and airport support facilities, as well as housing for family status employees in a permanent airport community are provided.


            The KFIA Master Plan can accommodate air traffic demand into the twenty-first century. The development periods established for forecasting and implementation purposes consist of the following:

            ·     Phase I: The Phase l facilities are sized to meet traffic demands projected for an annual traffic of 11,600,000 passengers (1981 design forecast for the year 1995).

            ·     Phase 11: Phase 11 development expands the capacity of Phase I by additional and expanded facilities to meet the demands forecasted for an annual traffic of 16,200,000 passengers in the year 2005.

            ·     Ultimate Development: An ultimate development phase has also been identified in terms of area for future use, to accommodate approximately twice the Phase II traffic.

            Currently, the development of the KFIA facilities is based on the Alternative Implementation Plan (AIP), which considers the traffic forecast updated in 1985, resulting in facilities capable of handling 5,200,000 annual commercial passengers for the year 1990.


            ·            Runways, Taxiways and Aprons

            ·            Passenger Terminal and Concourse

            ·            Mosque, Plaza and Parking Garage

            ·            Control Tower and Air Traffic Service Building (ATS)

            ·            Royal Terminal

            ·     Air Cargo Terminal Complex

            ·            Fuel Farm

            ·            Central Plant

            ·            Administration Building

            ·            Fire Stations

            ·            Ground Support Equipment Facilities

            ·            Maintenance Facilities

            ·            NAVAIDS and Meteorological

            ·            Telecommunications Facilities

            ·            Water Treatment Plant

            ·            Sewage Treatment Plant

            ·            Airport Utilities

            ·            Individual Operator Facilities


2.1            DESCRIPTION

Before design on the KFIA facilities commenced, a long and elaborate effort ensued to ensure that the airport would be located at an optimum site and that its configuration would provide excellent operational conditions with appropriate aesthetics and maximum economy.

The initial planning effort started in 1976 and several alternative sites were considered. After careful analysis the present site, which is approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Dammam, and between Dhahran and Jubail, was selected. This site is free from most of the airspace restrictions, has good access from major highways and expressways, and its topographic and geotechnical conditions are excellent for airport development. With a land area of approximately 77,600 hectares, the site is large enough to accommodate long-term expansion, ensure compatibility of land use, and protect environmentally sensitive areas.

The Master Plan was completed by Minoru Yamasaki and Associates (Architects) and by Boeing Aerosystems International in 1977. This Master Plan was to serve as the basis for current and future development of KFIA.

In mid-1981 Arabian Bechtel Company Limited and Minoru Yamasaki were asked to update the 1977 Master Plan. As part of this effort a new traffic forecast was prepared and the Terminal Passenger concept reevaluated. The final recommendation and decision selected the linear concept for final design.

In January 1982 a meeting was held by the Blue Ribbon Committee of selected international airport experts. This meeting endorsed the linear/satellite terminal concept for KFIA. Subsequently, the schematic design was started, which took into consideration the operating experience at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport (Jeddah), which had been operational for approximately one year.

The detailed engineering design commenced in May 1982.


3.1            PARAMETERS (Estimated For The Design Year 1990)

1.            Commercial Passenger Traffic

                   -            Annual            5.2 million

                   -            Average day of peak month (ADPM)            15,380

                   -            Peak hour arrivals (ADPM)

                               a.            Domestic         850

                               b.            International      1,220

                   -            Peak hour departures (ADPM)

                               a.            Domestic         1,015

                               b.            International      1,325

            2.            Non-Commercial Passenger Traffic (Annual)            0.3 million

            3.            Peak Hour Aircraft Operations            11.0

            4.            Airport Visitors (Annual)      4.0 million

            5.            Airport Employees

                   -            Total            15,800

                   -            Peak Shift     7,150

            6.    Air Cargo Volume (Annual)

                        (Design Year 2003)            94,000 Tons

            7.            Postal Volume (Annual)            11,000 Tons

4.0    SITE DATA

4.1       DATA

1.            Location

                   40 Km. Northwest of Dhahran, 30 Km. West of Dammam, 70 Km. Southwest of Jubail, and 60 Km. Northeast of Abqaiq.

            2.            Total Airport Area            776 Sq.Km.

                                    (77,600 hectares)

            3.            Developed Areas

                   -            Total            43 Sq.Km.

                   -            Airport            37 Sq.Km.

                   -            Construction Support/Utility Plants   5 Sq.Km.

                   -            Community       1 Sq.Km.

            4.            Average Annual Rainfall 80 mm

            5.            Design Temperatures

                   -            Maximum (Summer)            52oC (125oF)

                   -            Minimum (Winter)   -2oC (28oF)

            6.            Wind

                   -            Maximum Speed      87 Kph

                   -            Gusts            122 Kph

                   -            Revailing Direction            North-Northeast

            7.            Seismicity         Seismic Zone l


            The location of KFIA has these advantages:

            ·            Centrally located within the population distribution in the Eastern Province.

            ·            Causes the minimum environmental impact due to flight operations.

            ·            Does not require relocation of communities.




            ·            Mass Earthwork

                   -            Graded areas    1,750 Hetares

                   -            Excavation       6 million m3

                   -            Embankment   10 million m3

            ·            Drainage

                   -            Open lined channels            30,500 m

                   -            Pipe culverts (1.0 to 1.5 mط)            8,700 m

                   -            Box culverts (4m x 2m)      2,500 m

            ·            Secondary Landside Service Roads

            ·            Utility Way Structure            2.3 Km.

                 The Utility Way Structure is an underground reinforced concrete tunnel 6.7m wide by 4.5m high at its greatest gross section. This 2,300m long structure serves as the main conduct for chilled water, wet utilities, power and communication cable to and from the Terminal Complex, airline/airport facilities and utility plants. The Utility Way Structure generally runs north-south and passes underneath the Passenger Terminal Building the Concourse. At its northernmost point, it turns eastward to and terminates at the Central Plant. At the south, it turns east to and terminates underneath the Control Tower.


            ·            Aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW)            873,000 lbs.

            ·            Airport reference temperature (ICAO Standard)            420oC (107.6oF)

                   -            Runways (AC) 2 each x 4,000 m x 60 m

                                    7.5 m paved shoulders

                                    12.0 m paved blast pads

            ·            Taxiways (AC)

                   -            West taxiway            7,000 m x 23/28 m

                                    11 m paved shoulders

                   -            East taxiway            6,000 m x 23/28 m

                                    11 m paved shoulders

                   -            North Cross taxiway            1,500 in x 30 m

                                    12 m paved shoulders

            ·            Aprons (PCC)

                   -            Passenger Terminal & Concourse            330,000 m2

                   -            Royal Terminal            170,500 m2

                   -            Air Cargo Terminal            75,000 m2

                   -            East & West Security            64,000 m2

            ·            Apron Fixed Service Connections

                   -            Passenger Terminal and Concourse contact gates            11 Each

                   -            Royal Terminal contact gates            2 Each

                   -            Royal Terminal ceremonial gate            1 Each

            ·            Visual Aids     Airfield Lighting

                        (East & West runways, taxiways            Airfield Markings

                        and aprons)            Taxiway Guidance Signs

                                    Precision Approach Path

                                    Indicator (PAPI)

5.3            ROADS & BRIDGES

            ·            Maximum Daily Traffic            40,000 vehicles

            ·            Peak Hour Traffic (ADPM)            2,400 vehicles

            ·            Design Speed

                   -            North access road (Freeway)            115 Km/hr

                   -            Ring and community access roads (Expressways)            80 Km/hr

                   -            Service and secondary access roads            50 Km/hr

                   -            Air side service and emergency roads (local)            30-80 Km/hr

            ·            North Access Road

                   -            4 lanes            13.3 Km

            ·            Ring Road

                   -            4 lanes            2.1 Km

                   -            2 lanes            7.0 Km

            ·            Service, Secondary Access and Terminal Area Roads  18.4 Km

            ·            Airside Service and Emergency Roads

                   -            One lane      10.3 Km

                   -            Two lane      13.4 Km

            ·            East & West Side Security Road            22.2 Km

            ·            GSE Bridges        2 x 12.3 m x 32 m

                                    2 x 12.3 m x 55.2 m

            ·            Taxiway Bridges     2 x 80 m x 32 m

                                    2 x 80 m x 57 m


6.1            AIRPORT UTILITIES

            The Power Transmission Lines from the Saudi Consolidated Electric Co. (SCECO) network consists of two 69kV circuits and can transmit up to 200 megawatts of power to the airport site. There are presently five water deep wells at the airport site. One well, located near the community facilities at the airport operators housing area, is drilled through the Khobar Aquifer to a depth of 130 meters. Three other Wells are, located on the west side of the east ring road and are drilled through Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer to depths of 325 meters. The fifth well for irrigation make up water is also drilled through the Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer to a depth of 325 meters. These wells have a combined capacity to pump approximately 44,000 cubic meters day.

6.2            UTILITY PLANTS

            a.     A Central Airport Substation built by SCECO contains three 40/53 mVA transformers that step down the 69kV power to 34.5kV. From this substation, power is distributed to the main airport substation and from there throughout the airport project in underground electrical ductbanks.

            b.     Water Treatment Plant collects and stores raw water from ground water wells, processes the raw water to produce potable water, and stores and pumps the potable water for distribution.

            c.     Central Pumping Station stores potable water and firewater, and pumps water to the airport core area.

            d.     Sewage Treatment Plant treats the sanitary sewage of the airport and permanent camp to achieve treatment objectives; pumps the treated effluents to the irrigation building for further processing for landscape irrigation.

            e.     Irrigation Building processes the treated sewage treatment plant effluents to produce treated effluent water (TEW); stores and pumps the TEW for distribution to landscape irrigation.

            f.     Central Plant supplies chilled water for the airconditioning systems and standby power source for designated airport facilities.

            g.     Fuel Farm receives, stores and supplies Jet A-1 fuel to commercial and noncommercial aircraft at all aircraft parking areas.

6.3       DATA

            ·            Estimated Utility Demands

                   -            Power

                               a.            Commercial      47.4 MW

                               b.            Standby          7.12 MW

                   -            Water            10,500 m3/day

                   -            Chilled Water  13,000 Tons Refrigeration


            ·            34.5/13.8 kV Distribution Cable            115,000 m

            ·            69.0 V Distribution Cable   24,600 m


            ·            Water Treatment Plant

                   -            Capacity          13,600 m3/day

                   -            Gross floor area            2,660 m2

            ·            Central Reservoir

                   -            Total Capacity            16,000 m3

            ·            Central Pumping Station

                   -            Gross floor area     1, 115 m2

                   -            Major Equipment

                               a.            Fire pumps  3 each x 1,020 m3/hr

                               b.            Potable water pumps            4 each x 227 m3/hr

            ·            Water Distribution Lines

                   -            Combined Fire and Potable Distribution            73,800 m

6.6            WASTE WATER SYSTEM

            ·            Sewage Treatment Plant

                   -            Capacity          6,000 m3/day

                   -            Gross floor area            2,220 m2

            ·            Industrial Waste

                   -            Aircraft Sanitary Waste Disposal Facility

                               a.            Capacity          87 m3/day

                               b.            Gross floor area     70 m2

            ·            Sanitary Sewage System

                   -            No. of lift stations   9 Each

                   -            Gravity sewer pipe length   18,000 m

                   -            Force mains pipe length   16,500 m

            ·            Brine Lines (to Sabkha)

                   -            Central plant     2,500 m

                   -            Water treatment plant            3,000 m

6.7            IRRIGATION SYSTEM

            ·            Irrigation Building

                   -            Gross floor area            1,625 m2

                   -            Irrigation pumps      3 each x 165 m3/day

                   -            Jockey pumps  2 each x 11.4 m3/day

                   -            Tanks            2 each x 850 m3

            ·            Irrigation water distribution lines

            ·            Deep Wells for Irrigation

                   -            Number of Wells    1 Each

                   -            Capacity          340 m3/hr

                   -            Depth            325 m

                   -            Type            Deep well pump

            ·            Treated Effluent Water Pumping Station

                   -            Number of Stations 1 Each

                   -            Building            630 m2

                   -            Irrigation Pumps      2 each x 227 m3/hr

                   -            Jockey Pumps  1 each x 25 m3/hr

                   -            Tanks            2 each x 350 m3

6.8            CENTRAL PLANT

            ·            Chillers            4 each x 5,000 tons

            ·            Standby Generators            l each x 7 MW

            ·            Building

                   -            Gross floor area            13,320 m2

6.9       FUEL SYSTEM

            ·            Fuel Farm

                   -            Jet fuel storage tanks            6 each x 8,700,000 m3

                   -            Building (Gross floor area)

                               a.            Pumphouse     1,490 m2

                               b.            Operating office/control building            520 m2

                               c.            Electrical equipment building            360 m2

                               d.            Foam concentrate building        88 m2

            ·            Fuel Distribution

                   -            Pipeline            9,720 m

                   -            Hydrants          90 Each

            ·            Construction Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant (P.O.L.)

                 The Project has a small P.O.L. facility to support construction. Consists of 2 each x 94,000 liter gasoline tanks and 4 each x 94,000 liter diesel tanks.

                 There is also a small gasoline service station with 8 each refueling positions and 4 each x 45,000 liters underground tanks.



            ·            Land Mobile Radio System

            ·            Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

            ·            Public Address System

            ·            Inside/Outside Plant Cable System

            ·            Meteorological System


            ·            Airport Monitoring System

            ·            Subsystems

                   -            Fire and life safety

                   -            Power supervisory

                   -            HVAC and energy management

                   -            Aircraft fuel

                   -            Airport water

                   -            Airfield lighting

            ·            Master Clock System

7.3            SECURITY SYSTEM

            ·            Closed. Circuit Television Surveillance

            ·            Automated Access Control

            ·            Centralized Security Control

            ·            Intrusion Detection

            ·            Personal Identification


8.1            DESCRIPTION

            The Passenger Terminal Complex comprises the Passenger Terminal arid Concourse, Mosque and Mosque Plaza, Parking Garage, Control Tower, Air Traffic Services; Building and Passenger Terminal Apron Operations Tower.

            a.     The Passenger Terminal, located directly to the west of the Mosque, provides a secure, efficient and aesthetically pleasing interface facility between passengers, aircraft and ground transportation. The Passenger Terminal accommodates domestic and international passengers and baggage processing facilities for national and foreign carriers, as well as processing facilities for Government Agencies, such as passport and customs. The Passenger Terminal is a six-level building. The master plan provides for 52 passengers loading bridges that serve 31 gates at the Passenger Terminal and Concourse. During the AIP construction phase, only eleven (l 1) contact gates are constructed. Nine of these gates are "swing" gates that can serve either international or domestic operations. Provision is made for another Terminal and Concourse similar to the Passenger Terminal and Concourse, east of the Mosque.

            b.     The Passenger Terminal Concourse consists of three levels for Departure Concourse, Boarding Lounges and Arrival Concourse. Portions of the Concourse Building are deferred during the AIP construction phase.

            c.     The Mosque is centrally located at the airport and is sited on the Mosque Plaza, which also serves as the roof level of the Parking Garage. The Mosque Plaza is paved and landscaped.

            d.     Beneath the Mosque and Mosque Plaza is a three-level Parking Garage. Unrestricted access to the Passenger Terminal from the Mosque Plaza is provided, via an open Central Bridge and two (2) enclosed air-conditioned Connector Bridges.

            e.     The Control Tower is located directly to the south of the Mosque Plaza and Parking Garage. All airfield facilities and aircraft operational surfaces are visible from the Control Tower cab. The control Tower has an associated Air Traffic Services Building for air traffic control equipment.

            f.     The Passenger Terminal Apron Operations Tower is located directly to, the west of the Passenger Terminal between the Passenger Terminal Apron and the West Runway.

8.2       DATA

            1.            PASSENGER TERMINAL AND CONCOURSE

                   ·            Gross Floor Area (Passenger Terminal)

                               -            Total            247,500 m2

                               -            Service Level    52,600 m2

                               -            Service Level Mezzanine            8,700 m2

                               -            Arrival Level    53,310 m2

                               -            Boarding Level 56,330 m2

                               -            Departure Level            51,340 m2

                               -            Mezzanine Level            25,220 m2

                   ·            Gross Floor Area (Concourse)            35,850 m2

                   ·            Passenger Gates

                               -            Contact gates    l1 Each

                   ·            Passenger Loading Bridges

                               -            Number of bridges  18 Each

                   ·            Conveying Systems

                               -            Moving walks   18 Each

                               -            Elevators         29 Each

                               -            Escalators       37 Each

                   ·            Ticket Counters     15 Each

                   ·            Check-in Counters  63 Each


                   ·            Security Check Stations            15 Each

                   ·            Passport Control Stations

                               -            Departures       16 Each

                               -            Arrivals            28 Each

                               -            Transit            2 Each

                   ·            Customs Counters   18 Each

       ·       Baggage Claim Carousels

                               -            Domestic         4 Each

                               -            International      4 Each

                   ·            Baggage Make-up System

                               -            Domestic         l Each

                               -            International      2 Each

            2.            MOSQUE

                   ·            Building

                               -            Capacity          2,000 persons

                               -            Gross floor area            3,265 m2

                   ·            Mosque Plaza

                               -            Gross area     46,000 m3

            3.            PARKING GARAGE

                   -            Number of levels     3 Each

                   -            Gross floor area            192,260 m2

                   -            Parking capacity            4,930 cars

                   -            Elevators         12 Each

            4.            CONTROL TOWER AND ATS BUILDING

                   ·            Tower

                               -            Gross floor area            810 m2

                               -            Height            85 m

                               -            Elevator           1 Each

                   ·            ATS Building

                               -            Gross floor area            6,810 m2

9.0         ROYAL TERMINAL

9.1            DESCRIPTION

            The Royal Terminal is located at the southeast end of the east runway. The Royal Terminal provides arrival and departure facilities segregated into five (5) functionally specific zones for His Majesty, the Royal Family, dignitaries and their entourages.

            The central zone will function as a formal reception facility for meeting and greeting Heads of State and other dignitaries. The remaining four zones flank the central reception zone, two zones occurring on the east and two on the west. Entry to each flanking group of zones is accessed through semi enclosed vehicle atriums.

            To the south of the Royal Terminal is an extensively landscaped approach road and formal garden. To the north of the terminal a private apron is located providing a ceremonial gate and two (2) contact gates with four (4) loading bridges for non-ceremonial use.

            The terminal has three levels. The Reception level located at ground floor contains the majority of passenger/visitor functional areas. The Boarding level, located on floor above the Reception level provides access to aircraft by way of moveable passenger bridges. Offices for the various user agencies involved, in Royal Terminal operations are also, included on this level. The third and final level is located below ground and functions as a mechanical and staff support level.

9.2       DATA

            ·            Gross Floor Area            28,980 m2

            ·            Conveying Devices

                   -            Elevators         5 Each

                   -            Escalators       8 Each

            ·            Gates

                   -            Contact gates    2 Each

                   -            Ceremonial gate       l Each

            ·            Loading Bridges        4 Each

            ·            Baggage Claim Carousel      1 Each


10.l            DESCRIPTION

            The Airline and Airport Support Facilities house activities supporting airline and airport operations. Airline operations include aircraft and ground service equipment operations and maintenance, in-flight meal preparation and processing, and air cargo and airmail processing. Airport operations include security services, rescue and fire fighting services, postal services, meteorological services, public facility operations, and public facility and airport infrastructure maintenance.


            a.     Air Cargo Terminal Complex is located in the northwest service quadrant. It processes all international and domestic inbound and outbound air cargo (except Saudi ARAMCO domestic cargo). The Cargo Terminal includes a two-story building which when operationally completed will be able to process all incoming and outgoing Domestic and International Cargo. A Direct Delivery Building not included in the present construction scope when completed will be able to process all perishable items through a fast track processing procedure.

                 The present 258PF Air Cargo Construction Contract of 600 working days is presently 25 % complete. The Estimated Contract Completion Date is presently set at 1 February 1995.

            b.     GSE Maintenance Complex is located in the southwest service quadrant. Its function is to provide facilities for the routine and major maintenance of aircraft ground support equipment.

            c.     Catering Kitchen is located in the northwest service quadrant and provides for the preparation, assembly and storage of in‑flight meals.

            d.     Saudia System Airmail Services is located between the Postal Facility and Air Cargo Terminal Complex. It processes all airmail bags transported on the national carrier and provides airmail express service to private companies and Government agencies.


            a.     Administration Building is located in the northwest service quadrant. It houses a medical dispensary, airport security and administrative units.

            b.     Postal Facility, in the northwest service quadrant, is the main airmail distribution and transfer center for the KFIA. It processes all incoming and outgoing international and domestic airmail and air parcels. The facility is a two-story building.

            c.     Rescue and Fire Fighting Facilities provide fire fighting services for aircraft accidents and structural fires at the airport and community. The Main Fire Station is located in the northwest service quadrant. Sub-Fire Station l and 2 are located east of the Terminal Complex near the south cross taxiway and between the Private Aviation Facilities and the east taxiway system respectively.

            d.     Facilities Maintenance Department (FMD) Complex is located in the northeast service quadrant. It provides the necessary facilities to support the airport operator's maintenance programs.

            e.     Meteorological Facilities are located at the south end of the southeast service quadrant. Their purpose is to house the meteorological systems equipment and personnel.

            f.     Guard Shelters provide shelter for on-duty security guards at strategic locations throughout the airport.

10.4     DATA

            1.            AIRLINE SUPPORT FACILITIES

                   ·            Air Cargo Terminal

                               -      Air cargo volume            94,000 Tons

                               -            Gross floor area            55,430 m2

                   ·            GSE Maintenance Buildings            6,040 m2

                   ·            GSE Wash Facility            270 m2

                   ·            Catering Kitchen Facility (By Others)

                   ·            Saudia Airmail Facilities (Future)            (By Others)

            2.            AIRPORT SUPPORT FACILITIES

                   ·            Administration Building

                               -            Gross floor area            6,570 m2

                   ·            Postal Facility (Future)

                               -            Postal airmail volume

                               -            Gross floor area

                   ·            Main Fire Station            3,215 m2

                   ·            Sub-fire Station No. l & 2          1,500 m2

                   ·            Fire Training Facility            730 m2

                   ·            FMD Complex (Future)


                               -            Administration building            4,100 m2

                               -            Maintenance buildings (2)       5,320 m2

                               -            Vehicle maintenance building            545 m2

                               -            Warehouse       15,390 m2

                               -            Material storage building            770 m2

                               -            Wash building            185 m2

                               -            Covered material yard            30,040 m2

                   ·            Meteorological Facility            1 325 m2

                   ·            MEPA Shops and Stores  310 m2


11.1            DESCRIPTION

            The Community is planned at the KFIA site to serve family-status airport employees, and qualified single-status professionals. The Community will be developed incrementally in four residential modules. Each module includes single and multi-family housing, a mosque, kindergartens, and recreational facilities.

11.2     DATA (PHASE 1)

            ·            Design Population            1,200 persons

            ·            Single Family Houses            248 Each

            ·            Recreation Building

                   -            Gross floor area            930 m2

            ·            Commissary and Shops

                   -            Gross floor area            2,280 m2

            ·            Kindergarten School

                   -            Gross floor area            550 m2

            ·            International School

                   -            Gross floor area            2,500 m2

            ·            Maintenance Building, Fire Station

                   -            Gross floor area            1,100 m2

            ·            Water Treatment Plant

                   -            Capacity          380 m3/day

                   -            Gross floor area (Contractor designed package)

            ·            Wastewater Treatment Plant

                   -            Capacity          390 m3/day

                   -            Gross floor area (Contractor designed package)

            ·            Irrigation Building

                   -            Gross floor area            1,095 m2


12.1            DESCRIPTION

            Anciliary Facilities are located east of the east loop road. They comprise Utility Buildings for the Airport and facilities for construction support. Utility Buildings include the following (refer to Section 6.0 for Data):

            ·            Telecommunications Building

            ·            Main Airport Substation

            ·            Water Treatment Plant

            ·            Irrigation Building

            ·            Sewage Treatment Plant

            Anciliary Facilities provided to support construction management include Warehouse, Document Control Building, Presentation Center, Main Field Office, Maintenance Shops, Camp Buildings and Landscape Nursery.

            Site infrastructure comprising graded building pads and roads and utilities for a permanent camp or similar accommodation are provided in the Anciliary Facilities area.

            Some of the facilities provided for construction management support will temporarily be used by the Airport Facilities Maintenance Department.



13.1            DESCRIPTION

            The Individual Operator Facilities are located east of the east runway. The facilities comprise the following:

                        Saudi ARAMCO Passenger Terminal

                        Saudi ARAMCO Administration and Hangar Facility

            The Private Aviation Terminal Complex is located east of the east runway. This facility provides accommodations for KFIA‑based private aviation passenger processing and crews and employees.

13.2     DATA

            1.            Individual Operator Facilities

                   ·            Saudi ARAMCO Passenger Terminal            3,590 m2

                   ·            Saudi ARAMCO Administration

                               and Hangar Facilities            20,684 m2

            2.            Private Aviation Terminal

                   ·            Terminal Gross Building Area    2 960 m2


                   ·            Passenger Forecast

                               Non-Commercial Passenger Traffic  72,000 persons/year

14.0         NURSERY COMPLEX


14.1            DESCRIPTION

            The Nursery Complex is located south of the Sewage Treatment Plant and east of the Construction Support Complex.

            The Nursery Complex is designed to propagate and furnish the plant materials for the airport during construction Phases l and Il. After the airport becomes operational and the landscape planting installations are completed, the nursery's operational scope is reduced to furnishing rotational and replacement plants. Rotational plants are primarily potted flowering plants for interior flower and foliage display. Replacement plants are those needed to replace both exterior plants, which failed to survive.

14.2     DATA

            ·            Total Nursery Area            208,000 m2

            ·            Plant Production Facilities

                   -            Greenhouses with Headhouse  1 x 2,600 m2

                                    2 x 2,520 m2

                                    (Total = 7,640 m2)

                   -            Shadehouses   3 x 5,525 m2

                                    (Total = 16,575m2

                   -            Outside Irrigated Growing Fields            9 x 9,100 m2

                                    (Total = 81,900 m2)


15.1            DESCRIPTION

            There are three artworks scheduled for the North Access Road. These artworks are, the Gateway Artworks "Quranic Verse", the Central Artworks "Carpets" and the Final Approach Artworks "Pearls". Two of these artworks have already been designed, tendered and are in the construction phase. These are; the Central Artworks "Carpets" Contract No. E-95-292-PF-2 due for completion in August of 1996 and the Final Approach Artworks "Pearls" due to be completed in February of 1996. The remaining Artwork, Gateway Artworks "Quranic Verse" is still in the design phase.

            The Gateway Artworks "Quranic Verse" when constructed will form the symbolic entry and departure to the King Fahd International Airport Site via the North Access Road. This artwork will be comprised of eight free standing half arches radiating from a central dais, which is in turn centered half way along a 400 meter long series of terraced planters. Excerpts from the Quran text carved in granite will be positioned at the top of these half arches. The text subject will be salutations given upon commencement and completion of journeys.

            The Central Artworks "Carpets" which is now commencing construction will be comprised of three intersecting monolithic walls pivoting around a central open area. These walls will have openings symbolic of local architecture and have color tiled patterns on the surfaces meant to imply bedouin carpets hanging on walls. This artwork, which will be adjacent to the future petrol station, is designed to encourage pedestrians to interact with the artwork as well as provide a strong visual element to visitors in passing vehicles. Seating terraces will surround these walls and landscape elements will provide shade and additional color to the artwork. The walls, which will be lighted at night, will provide a dramatic image to the airport users and guests.

            The Final Approach Artworks "Pearls" due for completion in early 1996 intends to convey images of the Eastern Province. The artistic school of gigantism has been utilized in this artwork. Two opposing shells on a swirling plinth form the major elements of this sculptural artwork. Large spheres symbolic of pearls will be constructed inside the two shells. Additionally other smaller shell like and pearl shapes will surround these major elements. Three terraced platforms form the base of this artwork and follow the swirling shape of the shell-supporting plinth. The completed sculpture will provide images of the Eastern Province beaches and the sea's bounty. At night cove lighting located under the terrace edges will give the terraces a floating appearance. Spotlights will highlight the major sculptural elements.


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