Alrashid Cyber Mall, is Designed and hosted by Nova Stars Informations Services, Memeber of The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.

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The Saudi Network

Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
Saudi Arabia Trade and Business Directory
Nova Stars Information Services, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Chat Rooms Tools



Chat Rooms Tools



OnChat Cool graphical Java chat, requires also JavaScript.
Multichat A powerful Java chat room you can customize with your selection of colors, font styles and font size and integrate into your web page. Can be setup as private, or be included in MultiCity chat community and chatters can personalize it with their preferences. Available in many languages including Icelandic, Malay, Hungarian, Polish, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Danish, Swedish and English. Offer also free forums. A Java chat box with your selected layout that can be integrated into your page by simply pasting a few lines of code. You can choose a popular existing channel, accessible from all websites using it , so your chat room will usually have chatters logged on to it, create a new channel or have your own custom hidden channel. Offers several portal plug-ins for your website, including web based email, community services such as live chat and discussion boards, and a search engine you can customize with your your colors, logo and ads and choose all or part of a variety of search categories including the web, MP3, sports, health and many more. With your domain if you have one or with a sub-domain.
WebMaster Paid chat software and a free Java chat hosted on their server that can be integrated into your page, customizable parameters - height and width, background and foreground colors.
Xoom Known as free website providers, but you can use their Java chat rooms also on websites hosted elsewhere. You can have as many chat rooms as you like and integrate them into your pages, by pasting a simple code.
LiveUniverse Chat Rooms LiveUniverse offer a package of free tools and applications to create your own "world" or community, hosted on their server. Their chat is a powerful Java applet your visitors can customize with their sound and appearance selections. You choose the colors, background image and font style and can embed your logo into the pages hosting your applications.
Delphi Forums Community services including a custom community start page, a forum and a chat room - each of your guests can setup their own viewing and participating preferences, such as their time zone, selecting to use a Java or "HTML" chat room according to their browser capability or personal preference, being notified by email when their forum posts are replied, automatically appending their signature to their posts and more. Can be used as a public open to all community, or as a private forum for friends, family, co-workers, fan club or any other group. Very professional but not wholly customizable.
ChatPlanet A powerful Java chat, allowing private messages, sending URLs and a floating option. Quite customizable. Due to upgrade they are not creating new chat rooms at the moment, but you can join their waiting list.
Talk City Your own pro Java chat room in Talk City chat community.
ToolZONE Among other free applications, ToolZONE offers a highly customizable CGI chat room. You can choose out of a variety of interface designs, including multimedia, the colors and images and many other variables are customizable, and you can have a complete control over your chat room.
StarVoice A CGI chat, enabled for all languages customizable with your colors selection and graphical title (optional). The chat room is embedded in a frameset interface that allows chatters to listen to music or play games while they chat.
HometownChat Network or personal CGI chat rooms. Network chat rooms are accessible from websites world wide, so there should always be activity. If you choose a personal chat room the only people in the chat room will be visitors to your site. Not customizable.
MessageMaster Easy to set up community features - threaded discussion board + statistics and a chat
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Saudi Arabia
 Alrashid Cyber Mall, member of The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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1001 Arabian Network, Alrashid Cyber Mall and The Saudi Network are members of Nova* Stars* Information Services
The Saudi Network, Trade and business information and links to
Saudi Arabia, Arabian Gulf and Middle East Area.

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