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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Web Design Services

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A Guide to Building Your Web Site
to Meet Your Individual Needs

Why not do it yourself?

That is an excellent question. Some people do build their own web sites. There are product reviews in almost every computer magazine for new web construction tools. It is so tempting! How hard can it be?

Well, the answer depends on how professional you would like the finished product to be, how much money you're willing to spend, and how long you're willing to wait.

A combination of the best software tools alone will cost you close to $1000. Then you'll either need a training course or two on how to use them all, and use them together to achieve the desired results, or you need to spend at least a few dozen hours with trial and error. A course on your image editing package is a must! You'll also need to read a book on good site design to avoid "beginner" mistakes. Another book on HTML... you'll need one that covers how to design pages that look good on any browser, on any platform, in any resolution, at any color depth. And don't forget to build a few sites for practice... there's no substitute for experience!

With four to six months of your time and several thousand dollars spent, you'll finally be ready to begin building your own "professional-looking" web site. Although we might exaggerate certain elements a little bit, it should show you that you need to spend lot of effort and money before you are able to lay out and build your very own web site graphics and html codes.

See our "Do it Your Self - Homepages Links" for more help

A Better Idea.

What we recommend is that you focus on your business and the message you want to deliver with the site. That is what YOU know best! And WE will handle the art and science of building a good web site. That's what our designers do best. Working together, you'll have a better site, in less time, at a lower cost. And a lot less aggravation ;-)!

  NSIS Web Site Design Services

NSIS's Standard Web Site Page

Optional Web Site Pages & Ideas



Graphic Design

Domain Names and Hosting

CGI and Technical Services

Price guide line "Quick Quote"


For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

Web Site Pages

Standard Web Page
Each web page, NSIS International produces, comes standard with the following features:

  • Custom designed to your individual needs
  • Layout designed for future growth
  • Scanned company logo
  • E-mail links directly from your site straight to your e-mail box
  • Your own unique URL WWW.YourCompany.COM or WWW.The-Saudi.Net/YourCompanyName
  • 500 words of text
  • Two customized graphics processed from your brochures, photos or any other material you provide
  • Text hyperlinks to navigate through the web site (for sites with more than one page)
  • Background color of your choice
  • Company contact information
  • Links to 10 WWW sites that you choose

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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Optional Web Site Pages

You can customize your site by choosing the options listed below. Please note that these options are not included in the standard web page. All of following pages do however include the options of the standard page and more.

Employee Directory
This page is a listing of employees in your company. Each one can be linked to existing e-mail accounts or we can set you up with e-mail accounts for each employee. This page includes either 50 employees and their titles (no pictures) with e-mail links to each one or you can choose to feature only 10 employees with pictures, their titles and e-mail links. A list of names will be used and linked to 5 other pages, each with 2 employees’ pictures, a short write up about each person and e-mail links to each person.

Employment Opportunities
This is a listing of available positions in your company. This page can also feature a direct e-mail link to your human resources department where applicants can submit their resumes and CVs directly to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
The FAQ page contains the questions that are most commonly asked of your company. A customer can click on the desired question which is hyperlinked to the answer. This type of page on your web site will save you time answering the same questions daily. Time = Money so this feature can help save you money!

Glossary of Terms Page
Definitions to frequently used terminology in your industry.

Links Page
This is a page of links to other web sites. It could be a page of links to your suppliers, sponsors or any other web site that you want linked to your web site.

Logo or Entry Page
This is like having a "front door" to your web site. We scan your company logo and use it on the 1st page a viewer sees when they come to your web site. The viewer clicks on the logo to transport him/her into your web site.

Products Page
If you would like to show your products on the Internet, we can scan and upload to your web site, photos of your products for the world to see. Having more than 2 full size photos on each page will make the page load into a browser very slowly. To solve this problem we use "thumbnail" photos (very small photos) on products pages. The viewer then clicks on the small photo on the products page and follows the link to a full size photo on a separate page. This page includes ten thumbnails (small photos) which are linked to 5 other pages with 2 full size photos, descriptions of the products and prices for each.

"What’s New?" Page
This is a page where you let your loyal clients and prospective new clients come to learn what’s new in your company. Just a few ideas include new promotions, seasonal sales, important new information, new products or anything happening in your company that you would like your clients to know.

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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Search Engine Registration
Your web site is registered into the 400 search engines most frequently "surfed" on the Internet. A "surfer" types in a key word(s) for the business they are interested in. The search engines then provide a list of companies that are registered by these key words. The "surfer" then clicks on the company name and is transported via hyperlink to the web site.

Banner Design
NSIS will design and submit your company’s banner to Link Exchange. This banner is placed on popular web sites throughout the Internet. See banner market research for more information.

Banner Market Research
Another marketing option to take advantage of is a banner marketing program. Your banner is placed on popular web sites throughout the Internet. In exchange, you will either (a) host another company's banner on your site or (b) pay an additional fee to place your company’s banner on a related web sites with very high traffic. When Internet users click on your banner from another site, the link will bring users directly to the your web site. NSIS will search the highest traffic web sites related to your company’s target audience. For example a hotel at a ski resort would advertise their web site on high traffic ski area web sites. We will database the information so you can make informed decisions on which web sites are most cost effective for your banner advertising program. FREE banner design with this option!


Continuous Monthly Marketing Plans
There are hundreds of other ways to market your web site online NSIS has many ways to drive clients to your web site. After all even when you have the best designed web site in the industry, it’s a waste of money if nobody sees it! NSIS International will monitor, track and drive traffic to your web site with our monthly marketing plan. We know how to get results let us prove it to you! This plan also includes monthly updates to your web site and a banner design!

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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Text Updates
The written contents of a web site can be easily updated. To keep up with competition, these updates are as frequent as the you choose. Price changes, office relocation, growth reports, and specials are just a few types of information that can be changed. Just supply NSIS with the updated text. These changes can even be made over the phone.

Graphics Updates
You may decide to update your web site’s graphics or photos. Just supply NSIS with the new graphics/photos. The process for updating/adding new graphics requires scanning, uploading and changing of the HTML code. Camera-ready artwork and photos will need to be scanned by the NSIS’s web site design staff. These graphics must be mailed to our office. your changes can be e-mailed to NSIS.

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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Graphic Design

Additional Scanned Graphics
If you would like additional graphics scanned for your web site we will do this at a minimal charge.

NSIS can design a company logo if your company does not yet have one. The logo can be used on the web site and a copy will be sent to you via e-mail or on a disk to use in other forms of advertising as well. (i.e. business cards, letterheads, telephone directory, etc)

Image Maps
This form of technology takes a photo or an image, and separates it’s individual images into clickable linked items. For Example: We can take a photo of your office staff and make each individual person a separate clickable image with an e-mail linked to them. Your customers can then just click on the person they want to contact. As an example we have made a world atlas into a regional image map for a travel agency. A customer of that Travel Agency can click into a region of the world and see what services the company offers in that region. Prices are dependent upon the complexity of the image and your requirements.

Navigational Buttons
These are buttons a viewer uses to navigate their way through a web site. NSIS will design navigational buttons to match the web site. These buttons come in sets of four. I you do not choose this option your web site will still have navigational text links to your other pages.

Custom Animated Graphics
NSIS can animate logos, graphics, navigational buttons, and e-mail links. Although, these are very "eye-catching" this type of graphic requires more time to load and must be used wisely. Too many animated graphics on a web page can significantly increase the load time.

Ready Made Animated Graphics
To reduce the cost of animated graphics, a large supply of ready made animated graphics are available. These include animated e-mail icons, business images, lines, and many others.

Custom Background
This will be the subtle company logo or company related images in a soft non-intrusive format placed behind the text and photos of your web site. It’s similar to using custom stationary with patterns. This gives your web site more of a "designer" look.

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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Hosting and Domain Names

Domain Name
NSIS will check the availability of your requested name, prepare and submit your paperwork to secure your domain name. When we receive the approval NSIS will then set up your domain name with the IP address of your web site. With a domain name you web site address will be

Domain Hosting
If you already have or would like to purchase your own Domain Name we have a vendor server where we will place you web site for a yearly charge. Your web site address will be

Non Domain Hosting
If you do not want to purchase a Domain Name, NSIS will host your web site for you for a quarterly or yearly charge at a reduced rate. You web site address will be www.The-Saudi.Net/YourCompanyName

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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CGI and Technical Additions

E-mail Aliases
For clients choosing the domain name option we can provide you with e-mail accounts under your domain name. You e-mail accounts will look like this:

For example, our domain name is The-Saudi.Net our web site address is

Whatever id you decide on for your e-mail addresses we can use with your domain name.

Counters and Web Site Statistics Logs
A counter is placed on your entry page to record the number of visitors to your web site. A statistics log is detailed information about which pages of your web site are visited most often. This will help you to know what’s working in your web site and which pages your viewers are most interested.

An interactive page on the web site that enables visitors to order products or fill out your information from their computer, and return that information to the web site manager in a matter of seconds, anywhere in the world. Examples are information requests, registration, and survey forms. Prices are dependent upon the complexity of your requirements.

NSIS International can download and database the information collected from your site’s interactive forms. We will send this database of information to you via e-mail. We can also set you up to download this information.

Secure Credit Card Orders
NSIS can design your web site to receive credit card orders online. Your customer’s can order the product and pay for it online. A study by IBM shows that online catalogues on the Internet can save firms up to 25% in processing costs and reduce cycle time to 62%.

Quote based on each project. Prices are dependent upon the complexity of your requirements. If you would like the credit card orders mailed to you for processing offline the prices are at the lower end of the price range. If you would like the orders processed electronically online, through your bank, the prices are much higher.

Framed Web Site
This style of web site has a table of contents in one frame which when a link is pressed it changes the image in a corresponding box. The table of contents frame remains the same throughout the site. Not all browsers support frames so to circumvent this problem we have to add a few extra mirrored pages to the parts of the site that will allow these viewers to see your site (a framless option).

For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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Price Guide Line - Quick Quote
Use this as a Quick Quote and price guide only


Domain registration
SR 200 / Two Years
Web Hosting
Up to 20 Mbytes
SR 3000 / Year
NSIS Sub-Domain  Hosting
SR 1000 / Year
Page Design
Static, Average one form, 10 links, 10 pictures.
SR 500 / Page
If more than 10 pages, ask for special rate
Registration with search engines SR 500 / Domain
Web Information's Change & Updates SR 100 / page
Digital Camera shots on location SR 50 / picture
Extra POP E-Mail Account SR 100 / Year
Digital Art Work Call Us
The Saudi Network Directory
Registration and Links


Special HTML Coding SR 250 per hour
Graphic Design SR 250 per hour
CGI/JAVA Programming SR 400 per hour
Maintenance SR 250 per hour


For a Free Quote send us and e-mail with a list of your requirements to:

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