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Building Brand YOU



Are You a Brand? You Bet.

Even if you love your job, there's always work to do on improving your skills and presentation -- the brand called you. Here, we'll help you build more than a resume. We'll help you build a brand.

The Big Ideas

The Brand Called You
It's a new brand world. That cross-trainer you're wearing - one look at the distinctive swoosh on the side tells everyone who's got you branded. That coffee travel mug you're carrying - ah, you're a Starbucks woman! You're branded, branded, branded, branded. What does that mean for your career?

Brand That Name!
Take your cues on branding from the pros.

What Good Brands Do
Scott Bedbury knows brands. The man who gave the world 'Just Do It' and Frappuccino shares his eight-point program to turn anything - from sneakers to coffee to You - into a great brand.

Are You A Star At Work?
We know what it takes to be a star in the movies, a star on Broadway, or a star in sports -- but are you a star at work.

The Good Guy's ( and Gal's ) Guide to Office Politics
Even when you're out to get something done - not to do someone in - you have to play politics. Fast Company's five-point campaign manual will help you play to win.

- The Bad Guy's ( and Gal's ) Guide to Office Politics

The False Security of 'Employability'
In times of massive layoffs, "employability" emerges as a consoling notion. Don't believe it -- there's no easy answer to job loss.

Tools & Techniques

Make Smarter Mistakes
Here are six reality- tested strategies for fixing, preventing, and learning from the bad things that can happen to good businesspeople.

- My Smartest Mistakes Here are six lessons on living and learning when you find yourself limping the talk.
- Smart Companies, Dumb Decisions Why do smart companies do such dumb things?

Who's the Boss When...

- You Can Get A New Boss Every Six Months
- You Have A Virtual Boss
- You Have No Boss
- Got A New Boss? Get Fancy!

Build Your Place in Cyberspace
Fast Company's Guide for Building Your Own Web Site

Project: You
Sure, most work today is project work. But which projects are worth working on? And how does a series of projects become a career?

- She Picks Projects That Work Lauren Martin knows how to pick projects. The 13-year veteran of Hewlett-Packard estimates that she's been on more than 25 project teams in the last 10 years.

Congratulations, You're promoted ( now what? )
The transition from team player to team leader can make - or break - your career. Here's Fast Company's six-point leadership guide.

- She Leads a Championship Team When she became cocaptain of the 1996-97 Lady Vols, the University of Tennessee women's basketball team, Abby Conklin made a visible transition from team player to team leader.

- First Things First - 4 Action Items Ask anyone who's been there: your first few weeks as a team leader can feel absolutely exhilarating - and utterly baffling. We asked in-the-trenches leaders and experts on teamwork to identify the To-Do list of any new leader.

Women's Ways Of Mentoring
Call it "wo-mentoring" - a new approach that's more about commitment and learning than about chemistry and power. And, by the way, it also works for men.

- Mentors Wanted What's rule number one for finding a mentor in the new economy? You're in control.

The Four Toughest Talks in Business
Strategies and scripts for those difficult conversations you don't want to have.
- When the Slip Is Pink
- Before You Have That Talk...
- You Fire Them; They Fire Back
- When the Mess is Yours
- Is Your Company Mistake-Friendly?
- How I Learned to Be a 'No' Man
- When You Just Say No!
- When You Want Dough
- Pave the Way to Bigger Pay


Coaching Resources
Three tools that will help you find a coach.

Do-it-Yourself Mentoring
The future is all about self-coaching.

Download Your Way to an MBA
It doesn't cost $40,000. It doesn't take two years. And you're never late to class. Fast Company's guide to Cyberdemia.

Escape from the Red Zone
Peter Naylor and Claire Crittenden have a revolutionary approach for confronting the business world's last taboo: emotion.

Get Promoted Without Promoting Yourself
How to climb the ladder when the rungs are missing: six lessons in the subtle art of getting ahead in the new world of business.

How to Disagree ( Without Being Disagreeable )
Business is a contact sport, and conflict is a given. Here's a collection of new ideas and hands on tools to make your disagreements not only easier to handle, but lots more productive.

How to Find the Right Coach
Finding the coach that's best for you is easier said than done.

How to Globalize Yourself
Kelly O'Dea used to think of himself as a Lone Ranger, living and working in countries where only a select breed of American businesspeople had gone before.

How to Make Decisions Under Pressure
Scoping out the competition. Sizing up rewards and risks.... Who knows more than the world's greatest poker player?

Learn to Be a GloBee
Change can't come through technology alone. You've always got to be on the move, face to face with local partners around the world.

Stress Less
It's more common than the common cold -- but at least it's curable. From singing "O Sole Mio!!" to tightening your toes, here are the cures for workplace burnout.

Talk Your Way to the Top
Born to lead or learn to lead? Truth is -- no one knows for sure. But there is a small industry of writing, teaching, and speaking built on the proposition that you can at least talk about it.

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time
It's everyone's complaint. We've got solutions ( read on -- it won't take too long ).

Want to Be a Player? Get a Coach!
If you're not getting better, you're falling behind. To elevate your game, find the personal coach with the right strategy and style for you.

Models & Mentors

The Standout
In a company known for setting out-of-sight stretch goals and advocating tough-minded competition for promotions and raises, he's jumped up the management ladder from one critical assignment to the next.

Up the Organization
In a corporate culture such as Goldman's, where teamwork is an obsession, success comes from excelling at the work you're given -- and having faith that your achievements will eventually get noticed.

He Projects the Future
No industry is a more visible symbol of the project economy than Hollywood. The results are sometimes glorious, sometimes disastrous. But blockbuster or bomb, there's always the next project.

A Woman's Place is in Cyberspace
Lost in all the hype over market-share battles among the giant online services and smut in cyberspace is an intriguing new way in which businesswomen are using the Net: as their own digital version of the old boy's network.

Are You Hyphen-ated Enough?
Bio-Informatic. Forensic-Auditor. Enviro-Psychologist. If you want your career to take off, make yourself a one-person, cross-functional team.


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