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Airport City



King Fahd International Airport
Airport City Concept


Building the Concept and Outlining the Strategic Building Blocks

A White Paper Draft by: - Eng. Sameer Y. Alshaikh
14th April 2008


Introduction to King Fahd International Airport City

 This simple presentation will provide insight into the growing urban phenomenon of the Airport City. It will present taxonomy of Airport City and define the components that make them successful. This presentation will explore the considerable challenges facing airports and will highlight the key factors necessary for an airport to make the successful evolution and transformation into an Airport City.


Topics to be covered and developed:

 1. Introductions and Background

        Introduction to KFIA existing infrastructure and facility

Ø    Airport Master Plan

Ø    Needs for future expansions

        Current KFIA position and operation mode

Ø    Passengers traffic

Ø    Cargo Volumes

        The Airport City Project

Ø    Goals, research design and deliverables

2. Airport City Analysis

        The rise of the Airport City

        Comparative analysis of Airport Cities

Ø    Case study cities

Ø    Types of Airport Cities

3. Components of Airport Cities

4. Defining the Interfaces


        Land Use


        Economic Development

5. Issues and Impacts for discussion and evaluation

        Drivers and dynamics of an airport City

        Alternatives and opportunities

        Regional partnerships

        Outcomes and deliverables

6.Way Forward

        Airport City indicators

        Balancing the Airport and the City

        Supporting the evolution into an Airport City


        The Impact Of KFIA Airport City On Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia

        Creating A Multimode Transport Hub At King Fahd International Airport

        What Is The Impact Of Low-Cost Carriers On KFIA Airport City?



Importance of Planning, Project Management & Infrastructure


In the old days, people built cities along rivers, Then along railway lines. And today Cities are been built around Airports!


Trade and industry have always had an interest in fast routes. Business has flourished most when close to major goods flows. Today Airports are increasingly superseding rivers, seaports and railway lines.

This means that Airport City offers companies an ideal base, because from here you have optimal links in every direction, wherever you want to go and for whoever comes to you. Being located right beside the airport gives you fast connections to the main transport hubs in the region and hence to the whole world.

Besides passenger transportation, King Fahd International Airport should also be a major Air Cargo Hub. Fast cargo handling and customs clearings, Storage facility are a great benefit and in great demand.


The Major Reasons for KFIA Airport City?

        Global GDP has risen 154%, and the value of world trade has Grown 355%. But the value of air cargo has climbed an astonishing 1,395%

        Today, 40% of the total economic value of all goods produced in the world is shipped by air (and that goes for more than 50% of total U.S. exports, which are valued at $554 billion)

        International airports are both a countrys calling card and handshakeits the first thing people see when they enter a country and its the last thing they see when they leave.


Aviation, aside from being one of the busiest (and richest) industries in the world, is also in the midst of a massive development boom. Non-aviation related revenue, low-cost carriers and the availability of world-class business facilities are gaining momentum as important drivers of airports.


In view of this rapid growth and expansion, the development of airport cities is the next logical step for international airports. Whether it is a cargo hub, logistics central or a residential development for employees, property developments of the land surrounding airports for commercial use, light industrial zones are sprouting up all over the world.


Questions that should be answered for KFIA Airport City:

        Why should KFIA develop an airport city? 

        How are airports in different regions developing airport cities?

o      Golf region, Middle east, Asia, Europe and USA

        What is the Cost/Benefit analysis of developing an airport city?

        What are the surrounding environments to support the development of an airport city?

        What have existing airport cities done successfully?

o      And what have they done wrong?

        What is the way forward for airports, aviation and airport cities?


Who will be Strategic Alliance at KFIA Airport City?

        National Airlines Saudi Sama - NAS, International Airlines

        Urban Planning and Developers

        Property Development Retail, Residential, Commercial & Leisure

        Land Transportation, Cargo Forwarders

        Utilities Providers

        Government Authorities

        Property & Project Finance, Investment Banks

        Specialist Finance Houses

        Expert Service Providers to the Aviation & Property Industries


Key Highlights: Case Studies From Leading Airports & Airport Authorities:

We need to share views on airport cities in different parts of the world, how they differ and how they are alike. What are their experiences?

        Dubai World Central, UAE

        Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

        Oman Airports Management Company, UAE

        Munich International Airport, Germany

        Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands




The Business Case For Airport Cities: Why Do We Need Them?

        Developing the potential of the massive land bank that surrounds airports

        Offering airports a commercial and competitive advantage for airline clients and civil aviation clients

        Reducing reliance on airline customers for revenue; Property developers can supplement airport income

        Coping with the huge financial and infrastructural demands on airports from recent developments in the aviation industry



Optimizing Results At KFIA Through Others Airport City Concept

        How are airport cities different in other countries?

        What are the key lessons for new KFIA airport city?

        How other Airports continue to grow and develop its airport cities?


Strategic Planning: Why Is It Crucial To A Successful Airport City?

        Incorporating aspects of a perfect airport city: new regulations for development of industrial estates, logistics infrastructure + allocation of zones for industrial, residential and commercial sectors

        Establishing separate real estate management and property divisions to enhance real estate values

        What are some ownership issues that can be dealt with from the outset? Public vs. private?



Urban Planning And Airport Issues: -
Integrating Aviation Into The Urban Planning Process

We need to provide an overview of some of the critical issues facing urban planners and aviation facilities and will address:

        How the urban planning process can incorporate the needs of aviation facilities

        Which environmental conditions and enhancements can be used to integrate airports into the urban fabric 

        What policy and regulatory tools are effective for promoting compatible land use and economic development around aviation facilities

        How the public process can be used to promote the important role airports play in protecting public health, safety and welfare


Project Management Of Property Projects: -
Applying The Concepts to Airport Cities

        Why is it crucial to employ expert project management to airport city developments?

        How are airport cities any different from other clusters of property projects?

        Developing a blueprint for airport city management by tying in aviation and non-aviation related revenue projects


Maximizing KFIA Airports Revenue Through Commercial Streams


A Case Study: -
Dubai World Central

Dubai World Central (DWC) is a new concept in urban planning and destination living, which is now rapidly emerging from the Jebel Ali desert. 


Designed to support Dubais aviation, tourism, commercial and logistics requirements until 2050, this 140km2, self-sustaining city will eventually be home to 900,000 people.


The multi-phase project - centered around the worlds largest international airport, Dubai World Central International Airport (JXB) - comprises six clustered zones: Dubai Logistics City (DLC), Residential City, Commercial City, Aviation City, Golf City and JXB itself.


Phase 1 of DWC is expected to be complete by 2009 With JXBs first flights expected by end-2008. DLC will receive its first freighters around the same time and Residential

        Why did Dubai move towards developing an airport city?

        A short historical background of Dubai Airport

        What are the challenges involved in becoming an airport city?

        The importance of an aviation alliance (airport-airline) 

        Future developments planned



What Is The Impact of Main Airline Carrier Low-Cost Carriers On KFIA Airport City?

        Making formerly-remote airports more accessible

        Making airport cities viable by increasing passenger and freight traffic

        Increasing the need for airports to maintain and build runways, gates and other facilities: can airport cities finance this?


The Impact Of KFIA Airport City On Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

        Looking at KFIA Airport City, and Eastern Province Strategy


        What gives King Fahd International Airport the potential to form a premier Airport City?

        What are the existing and future developments planned for KFIA City Airport Corridor

        Suggesting a master plan for the KFIA City Airport Corridor



What Are The Basic Infrastructural Needs Of An Airport City?

        Starting with the master plan and land-use planning of the airport city: development blue-prints for KFIA and Eastern Region

        What infrastructure is required? Dedicated expressway links and high-speed rail?

        Creating regional hubs

        Ensuring optimal infrastructure flows

        Covering all utilitys needs, power and electricity, water and wastewater management, fuel



Creating A Multimodal Transport Hub At King Fahd International Airport (KFIA)

        Understanding the significance of a world-class transport system to an airport city

        How the transport hub at KFIA can be created and developed?

        What are the components necessary to complement a transport hub?



Developing A Competitive And Commercial Edge Through An Airport City

        What will the planning for an Airport City involve?

        Can a checklist for development be defined?




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