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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Government Agencies

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Saudi ArabiaSaudi Government Autonomous AgenciesSaudi Arabia

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Central Department of Statistics

Off Airport Rd.
Behind the Ministry of Finance Bldg.,, Riyadh 11187
Tel: 405-9638/401-4528
Fax: 405-9493

Collects and publishes miscellaneous statistics.
Civil Defense

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11174
Tel: 479-2828/478-3372
Fax: 478-0846/477-6579

Protecting, relieving, saving and putting out fires caused by natural catastrophes.
Civil Service Commission

Washem St., P.O.Box 18367, Riyadh 11114
Tel: 402-6900/402-6934
Fax: 403-4998

Staffing policies throughout the public services.
Undertakes staff recruitment and training programs.
Customs Department

P.O.Box 3483, Riyadh 11471
Tel: 401-3334
Fax: 404-3412/404-3400

Customs duties.
Dammam Seaport

P.O.Box 28062
(King Abdul Aziz Seaport)
Dammam 31188
Tel: 833-2500
Fax: 857-9223

Port development, port stevedoring; regulations and documents.
Directorate General for Mineral Resources

P.O.Box 2880, Jeddah 21461
Tel: 631-0355/631-0357

Mineral exploration and concessions.
Directorate General of Zakat and Income Tax

Off Airport Rd.
Behind the Ministry of Finance Bldg., Riyadh 11187
Tel: 401-0182/404-1537
Fax: 404-1495

Zakat and Tax collection.
General Electricity Corporation (Electrico)

P.O.Box 11185, Riyadh 11431
Tel: 477-2772 (10 lines)
Fax: 477-5322

Electricity planning, consolidated power companies.
General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)

P.O.Box 2963, Riyadh 11461
Tel: 478-5721/477-7735
Fax: 477-9958

Social Insurance Agency.
General Ports Authority

P.O.Box 5162, Riyadh 11422
Tel: 476-0600;476-0930

Port development, port stevedoring; regulations and documents.
General Presidency for Girls’ Education

Television St., Riyadh 11192
Tel: 402-9877/403-2500
Fax: 403-9570

Responsible for all aspects of female education from primary level through higher education.

Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization

P.O.Box 3402, Riyadh 11471
Tel: 404-3334/404-4736
Fax: 463-1943

Silos, flour mills, wheat importing.
Grievances Court (Diwan Al Mazalem)

Morabba-Nasseria St., Riyadh 11138
Tel: 402-1724/402-4398
Fax: 403-4296

Commercial disputes and grievances. Government corruption, tax disputes and affairs relating to foreigners and their investments within Saudi Arabia.
Institute of Public Administration (IPA)

P.O.Box 205, Riyadh 11411
Tel: 476-1600 (10 lines)
Fax: 479-2136

Revises and implements educational, pre-service and in-service training programs for Saudi civil servants.
international Airport Projects Office

P.O.Box 6326, Jeddah 21442
Tel: 685-4200

Approves work on new international airports.
Islamic Development Bank

Head Office:Jeddah
P.O. Box 5925, Jeddah 21432
Tel: 636-0011/636-0054
Fax: 637-1334

Economic and social development projects loans to member countries.
Jeddah Seaport (Jeddah Islamic Port)

Jeddah 21188
Tel: 643-2552

Port development, port stevedoring; regulations and documents.
King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)

P.O.Box 6068, Riyadh 11442
Tel: 478-8000
Fax: 488-3756

Research and development, solar energy projects, patents.
King Faisal Foundation

P.O.Box 352, Riyadh 11411
Fax: 465-6524

Non-profit organization.
Meteorology and Environmental Protection Agency

P.O.Box 1358, Jeddah 21431
Tel: 651-8887/671-1994

Meteorology and Environment.

National Guard

P.O.Box 9799, Riyadh 11423
Tel: 491-2400
Fax: 491-2824

Internal Security.

P.O.Box 757, Riyadh 11189
Tel: 478-1328/478-1332

Oil marketing, oil refineries, oil concessions to foreign firms.
General Authority of Civil Aviation  (GACA)
Presidency of Civil Aviation)

Off Palestine Rd., East
P.O.Box 887, Jeddah 21421
Tel: 640-5000
       667-9000 / 667-3664

Over flight and airports.

King Fahad International Airport

Dhahran International Airport

The Real Estate Development Fund

P.O.Box 5591, Riyadh 11433
Tel: 477-5120/403-3817
Fax: 479-0148

Provides loans to individual and organizations for private or commercial real estate program.
Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

P.O.Box 5864, Riyadh 11432
Tel: 479-4444 (20 lines)
Fax: 477-5404

Construction of industrial complexes’ infrastructure at Jubail and Yanbu.
Saline Water Conversion Corp. (SWCC)

P.O.Box 5968, Riyadh 11432
Tel: 463-0503/463-0501
Fax: 463-1952/465-0852

Desalination complex.

Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank

Omar bin Al-Khattab St.
P.O.Box 1811, Riyadh 11126
Tel: 402-3911/402-3934
Fax: 402-2359

Purchases agricultural equipment, seeds, animals, provides loans to Saudi farmers.
Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA)

Airport Rd., P.O.Box 620, Jeddah 21421
Tel: 684-2000/686-0000

National airline.
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)

P.O.Box 2992, Riyadh 11461
Tel: 478-7400
Fax: 441-1384

Central Bank.
Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO)

P.O.Box 3437, Riyadh 11471
Tel: 452-0000
Fax: 452-0086

Development, publishing and distribution of standards.
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

P.O.Box 5101, Riyadh 11422
Tel: 401-2033/401-2361
Fax: 401-2045/401-3831

Joint ventures with foreign firms for heavy industries at Jubail and Yanbu.
Saudi Consulting House (SCH)

P.O.Box 1267, Riyadh 11431
Tel: 448-4588/448-4688
Fax: 448-1234

Conducts market research and industrial feasibility studies, prepares and publishes data on industrial development.
Saudi Fund for Development

P.O.Box 5711, Riyadh 11432
Tel: 477-4069/477-4071
Fax: 464-7450

Development projects’ loans to to foreign countries.
Saudi Government Railroad Organization

Dhahran Airport St.
P.O.Box 92, Dammam 31411
Tel: 871-2222

Runs Dammam-Riyadh railroad.
Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF)

P.O.Box 4143, Riyadh 11491
Tel: 477-4002
Fax: 479-0165

Loans to Saudi or Saudi/foreign joint industrial ventures.
Saudi Red Crescent Association

Al-Dhabab Rd., Riyadh 11129
Tel: 406-9072/406-5092
Fax: 405-1566

Emergency health care.
Youth Welfare Organization

P.O.Box 965, Riyadh 11421
Tel: 401-4576
Fax: 401-0376

Sports complexes, cultural and folkloric clubs, boy scouts.


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