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Electrical Equipment



Investment Opportunities for Electrical Equipment




Boilers, Batch Oven, Electro-Static, Waste Oven

Production Capacity:

Boilers -- 25 units
Batch Oven -- 15 units
Electro-Static -- 10 units
Waste Oven -- 10 units

Total Investment Required:  $465,000

Contact:  Mr. Nouh Mohammed Al-Hawag, National Factory for Ovens & Boilers, P.O. Box 7537, Dammam 31472, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-3-822-2582  Fax:   966-3-821-1928

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Cable Connecting Pieces

Production Capacity:

H.V./L.V. Cable Connecting Pieces -- 250,000 units

Total Investment Required:  $540,000

Contact:  Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Mehaisen, Cable Connecting Pieces Factory, P.O. Box 35013, Riyadh 11488, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-411-0096  Fax:   966-1-431-5295

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Car Air-Conditioner Compressor

Production Capacity:

Car Air-Conditioner Compressor -- 6,000 units

Total Investment Required:  $2,346,000

Contact:  Mr. Saleh Ahmed Al-Harbi, Saudi Air-Conditioners Factory, P.O. Box 42589, Riyadh 11551, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-477-2440  Fax:  n/a

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Ceiling Fans and Ventilation Fans

Production Capacity:

Ceiling Fans -- 100,000 units
Ventilation Fans -- 80,000 units

Total Investment Required:  $1,600,000

Contact:  Mr. Ahmed Omar Basahi, Gulf Fan Factory, P.O. Box 17393, Jeddah 21484, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-2-648-4558/648-5270  Fax:  966-2-647-0843

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Circuit Breakers (1)

The circuit breaker is used to transmit and break the electric current manually in normal uses. It is also designed to operate automatically upon any change occurring in the electric current which may endanger the transmission of the distribution network or the electric equipment. The automatic break of the electric current by the circuit breaker will maintain the safety of the breaker, the equipment and the electric machines.

Types of Circuit Breakers

  • Oil circuit breakers
  • Sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker
  • Shaped plate circuit breaker
  • Short distance circuit breaker

Project Description:

Product Electric Circuit Breakers
Capacity 1,200,000 units
Manpower 54 persons
Investment Costs (SR) 15,600,000
Project Revenue (SR) 16,200,000
Investment Return 25.0%
Capital Payback Period 2 yrs., 11 months

Circuit Breakers (2)

Production Capacity:

High Voltage Circuit Breakers -- 100 units
Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers -- 300 units

Total Investment Required:  $4,088,000

Contact:  Eng. Mansour Al. Al-Subaie, Saudi Circuit Breakers Co., P.O. Box 87310, Riyadh 11642, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-462-0929  Fax:   966-1-465-1132

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Desert Coolers

Production Capacity:

Desert Coolers for Cow Dens -- 3,500 units/year

Total Investment Required: $1,400,000

Contact:  Mr. Nasser Mohammed Al-Humaid, Desert Coolers for Cow Dens Factory, P.O. Box 41418, Riyadh 11521, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-448-0275/0304  Fax:   966-1-448-0683

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Dry Batteries

A battery is a source of stored electric energy (continuous current) used to supply the machines and equipment using direct current for operation. The Industrial battery is used as an electricity source for equipment protection systems, telephone, telex and computer to supply electricity in the event of electric current outage. It is also used for emergency cases in hospital and fire fighting in all sectors.

Project Description:

Product Electric Energy Storing Cells
Capacity 30,000 units
Manpower 42 persons
Investment Costs (SR) 11,600,000
Project Revenue (SR) 11,100,000
Investment Return 17.2%
Capital Payback Period 3 yrs., 9 months


Electrical & TV Wires, Telephone Wires

Production Capacity:

Electrical & TV Wires -- 2,500 tons
Telephone Wires -- 500 tons

Total Investment Required: $4,339,000

Contact:  Mr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Hadyani, Saleh M. Al-Hadyani Cables Factory, P.O. Box 737, Al-Rass  Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-6-333-0052  Fax:   966-333-1695

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Electrical Measurement Appliances

There are several electric measuring appliances; each of them is used to measure or identify certain electric energy such as: current meter, voltage meter, vibration meter and power factor meter, etc.

In general, the electricity measuring instruments may be sorted into 3 types:

  • Deflecting Type
  • Integrating Type
  • Recording Type

This opportunity is covers electricity measuring instruments except kWh meters.

Project Description:

Product Electrical Meters
Capacity 50,000 units
Manpower 45 persons
Investment Costs (SR) 10,200,000
Project Revenue (SR) 10,000,000
Investment Return 10.8%
Capital Payback Period 5 yrs., 2 months


Electric Motors

Electric motors are designed to supply power to machines and other equipment in order to turn the electric power to mechanical energy. These are divided into two types based on the electric current used:

Electric motors operated by alternating current such as those used in manufacturing household equipment (e.g. air conditioners, washing machines, fans, etc.) and in manufacturing industrial and agricultural equipment.

Electric motors operated by direct current such as those used for certain conditions requiring using continuous current.

Project Description:

Product Electric Motors
Capacity 500,000 units
Manpower 66 persons
Investment Costs (SR) 15,280,000
Project Revenue (SR) 12,000,000
Investment Return 14.7%
Capital Payback Period 4 yrs., 3 months


Electric Insulators

Insulators are used for fixing, supporting and electric insulation of electricity transmission and distribution lines, to insure perfect insulation of these lines from each other, from earthing cable or electrode and from the power post or tower.

Electricity insulators are made from non-conducting material such as porcelain, glass, rubber or silicon, and are different regarding capacity, size and type.

Project Description:

Product Electric Insulators
Capacity 4,000 tons
Manpower 68 persons
Investment Costs (SR) 16,000,000
Project Revenue (SR) 6,400,000
Investment Return 13.0%
Capital Payback Period 4 yrs., 5 months

Exchange Rate: US$1 = SR3.75

Electronic Circuits

Production Capacity:

Various Electronic Circuits -- 3,000,000 units

Total Investment Required:  $5,400,000

Contact:  Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Al-Zeibi, Arabian Factory for Electronic Circuits, P.O. Box 59253, Riyadh 11525, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-460-1627   Fax:  966-1-460-1107

Source: Saudi Consulting House


Production Capacity:

Fluorescent, Tungsten, Halogen Lamp HID, Halogen H-4, Halogen MR-Lamps -- 30,000,000

Total Investment Required:  $20,000,000

Contact:  Mr. Naseer Abdulkadir Al-Khunji, Lights Manufacturing, P.O. Box 5883, Riyadh 11432, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-462-8000 ext. 304  Fax:   966-1-462-9000 ext. 304

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Plugs and Switches

Production Capacity:

Plugs & Switches -- 4,750,000 units

Total Investment Required:  $3,573,000

Contact:  Mr. Mutlag Moh'd Al-Qahtani, Modern Factory for Electric Plugs & Switches, P.O. Box 10136, Jubail 31961, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-3-341-9903   Fax:  966-3-341-1810

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Pressure Gauges and Thermometers

Production Capacity:

Pressure Gauges and Thermometers -- 50,000 pieces

Total Investment Required:  $1,400,000

Contact:  Mr. Abdulla Al-Mutawa Sons Co., Saudia Gauges Factory, P.O. Box 9278, Dammam 31311, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-3-841-4266  Fax:   966-3-842-4959

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Refrigerators, Freezers, Rotisserie Grills, Gas Cookers, Food Heaters

Production Capacity:

Showroom Refrigerator -- 1,200 units
Freezers -- 200 units
Rotisserie Grill -- 26,000 units
Gas Cooker -- 100 units
Food Heaters -- 100 units

Total Investment Required:  $1,100,000

Contact:  Mr. Abdelmohsen S. Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, Arabian Factory for Refrigeration & Grillers, P.O. Box 13666, Jeddah 21214, Saudi Arabia  Phone:   966-2-658-0000  Fax:  966-2-658-0444

Source: Saudi Consulting House

Steam Boilers and Press Machine

Production Capacity:

Steam Boilers (250 Kg/H) -- 180 pieces
Press Machine -- 180 pieces
* Steam Boilers (from .25 ton to 10 tons) -- By order

Total Investment Required:  $5,574,000

Contact:  Mr. Faleh Saeed A. Al-Shahrani, Universal Factory for Steam Equipments, P.O. Box 67173, Riyadh 11596, Saudi Arabia  Phone:  966-1-448-9089  Fax:   966-1-446-0613

Source: Saudi Consulting House

For more information about these opportunities, contact Saudi-Business-Center@The-Saudi.Net

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