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Joint Non-Industrial Projects



Saudi Arabia Joint Non-Industrial Projects


(Post Office Box)
American Schlumberger Middle East Co. 2836, AlKhobar 31952
drilling, development, improvement & mainte-nance of wells & oil pipelines
Arabian Price Co., Ltd. 8918, AlKhobar 21492 gas & petroleum pipe lating and construction
Lumus Ali Rida Co., Ltd. 861, AlKhobar 31932
electricity generating plants, petroleum refineries, oil drilling installations, cons-ruction, chemical factories
PanAm-Boatnin Co. for Technical Services 340, AlJubail
operation & maintenance of telecommunication utilities
Betrocon Arab Co., Ltd. 212, Dhahran 31932
gas & petroleum pipe lating
Bakhash Kellog Saudi Arabian Co., Ltd. 2226, Jeddah 21451 petrochemical projects, petroleum refineries & chemical factories
Loral Middle East Communication co., Ltd. 2824, Riyadh 21461 communication systems
Conam Tests Co., Ltd. 2786, AlKhobar 31952 rust prevention ;industrial facilities & installations
Arabian BJ Service International, Inc. 691, AlKhobar 31932 oil, gas, water pipes & wells
L.E. Myers S.A. Co. Ltd. 451, Dammam
electrical projects & electricity
Carlson Saudi Co. 6422, Riyadh
building contracts
Arabian Dravo Co., Ltd. 2824, Jeddah
electrical & mechanical contracts
Saudi Steel Buildings Co. 8648, Jeddah 21492
prefabricated buildings
Daniel International SA Co., Ltd. 8120, Jeddah 21482
Civil & Industrial Projects
Demauro Shwiter Co. 5115, Dammam 31422
buildings, runways & roads
Al-Nuaimi & Valdez Contracting Co. 647, AlKhobar
buildings & sites levelling contracts
Al-Muaebed Crescent Hamco Co., Ltd. 21431, Dammam 31451
building, electrical, mechanical contracts
Al-Salim York Services Co., Ltd. 958, Jeddah 21411 installation & maintenance of airconditioning & cooling
Hazzaa Ba & K Saudi Arabian Co. 12, AlKhobar 31952 installation & maintenance of factory machine
Beatti Saudi Arabian Co., Ltd. 5484, Riyadh 11422
marble & ceramic for internal & external facades
Saudi Carrier Services Co., Ltd. 9784, Riyadh 11423
P:491-7726; F:491-5325
air conditioners and coolers
Trans Services Co./Saudi Branch 15434, Tiyadh
airconditioning equipment
Wolfe & Munier Arabia Co., Ltd. 6507, Riyadh
airconditioning and plumbing
Stone & Webster, S.A., Inc. 80, Riadh 11411
elctrical & mechanical contracts
International Mechanical & Electrical Contracts Co. 7155, Jeddah 21462
electrical and mechanical contracts
Saudi Arabian Foster Wheeler Co., Ltd. 7155, Jeddah 21462
electrical and mechanical contracts
Saudi American General Electric Co., Ltd. 10211, Riyadh 11433
computer & electronic communication services; electrical works
Texas Arab Communications Co. 26001, Riyadh 11486 management , operation & installation of communication systems
U.M.I. SMAS 7275, Jeddah 21462 petrochemical projects;engineering works
Western Arab Co. for Petroleum Services, Ltd. 91224, Riyadh 11633 pumping services for oil & gas wells
Betro-Hunt Middle East., Co., Ltd. 1011, Riyadh 11431
oil & gas wells drilling & related works
Al-Qahtani Grace for Drilling 2224, Dammam 31451 oil & gas wells drilling & related works
Reading & Bates, Inc. Co., "Saudi Arabia Branch" 257, Dammam 31411
oil & gas well drilling & related works
Penrod Arabian Co., Ltd. 4288, AlKhobar 1491 oil & gas well drilling & related works
Arabian Pool Co., Ltd. 2862, AlKhobar 31952
oil & gas well drilling & related works
Saudi Nadrico Co., Ltd. 617, AlKhobar 31932
oil & gas well drilling & related works
Arabian Oceaneering Co., Ltd. 541, AlKhobar 31932 sea and land maintenance; oil & gas utilities
Saudi Great Plains Co., Ltd. 120, AlKhobar 31952 drilling & lating of oil & gas pipes and maintenance
Arabian Zirger Co. 6580, Abqaiq 31932
drilling & lating of oil & gas pipes and maintenance
Saudi Arabia Sperry Sun Co. 2224, Dammam 31451
oil & water wells

inspection & maintenance

Branch of Hallibuton American Co., Ltd. 657, Dhahran 31932
oil wells drilling & maintenance
B.D.M. Arab Services Co., Ltd. 61536, Riyadh 11575 logistic & technical support works & training services
Arabian Co. for Petroleum Marine Constructions 50, Riyadh 31932
marine & petroleum construction works
Arab Dresser Atlas Co., Ltd. 539, Dhahran 31932
oil, gas, & water wells maintenance and drilling cables
Smith International Arab Co., Ltd. 96, AlKhobar
drilling of oil wells & development
Camco Saudi Arabia Services Co., Ltd. 447, Dhahran 31972


wells inspection and maintenance
Branch of E. Systems, Inc. 57270, Riyadh 11574 electronic equipment installation;communication & computer systems & training
Saudi Data Systems Co., "Computer" 6380, Riyadh 11442
computer works & training
Branch of Johnson Controls Internationals, Inc. Riyadh electronic systems installation and maintenance
Haurris Corporation, Branch 3844, Riyadh electronic systems installation & maintenance
Saudi American System Engineering Co., Ltd. 16091, Riyadh security & computer engineering systems
Badger Samas Co., Ltd. 7275, Jeddah 21462 industrial & petrochemical construction; oil & gas refineries
Saudi Arabia Intertech Co. Riyadh computer installation, programming/ maintenance
Branch of Paramax, Arabia, Inc. Riyadh computer installation, programming/maintenance
Saudi Titan Technical Co., Ltd. 62269, Riyadh 11442 computer installation, programming/ maintenance
International Systems Engineering Co. 8721, Riyadh 11492
computer installation, programming/maintenance
S.A.I. Saudi Co., Ltd. 54117, Riyadh 11514
computer installation, programming/maintenance
Sysorox International Co. Riyadh Computer programming & maintenance
Saudi Oracle Co., Tld. 22232, Riyadh 11495 computer installation, programming/maintenance
Ridayat Litwin Co., Ltd. 90, AlKhobar 31952
construction, engineering & design for oil refineries
Saudi International Services Co. 88, AlKhobar 31932
providing technical services to ARAMCO; refining in chemical/petrochemical fields
Branch of United Tech, Inter. Operation, Inc. 87059, Riyadh 11642
installation & operation of United TechnologiesCorp.
Middle East Photographic Diagnosis Co., Ltd.:Medco" 20883, Riyadh 11465 installation & maintenace of photographic diagnosis equipment & other medical equipments
Saudi Arabian Colesman Co. 7293, Riyadh 11462
automatic equipment related to aeroplanes and marine systems maintenance/operation
Saudi Electronic Control Systems, Co. 6156, AlKhobar industrial automatic control system’s design/operation
Saudi U.O.P. Co. for Administratice Services, Ltd. 7989, Jeddah 21472
water desalination plants,water wells, electrical plants, petroleum refineries, chemical factories
Westinghouse Saudi Arabian Co. 3779, AlKhobar 11481
administration & coordination of industrial activities performed by the affiliated companies
Chevron Arabian Co. 5536, Riyadh 11431
providing technical, administrative planning & training in the petroleum industry
P.A.E. Middle East Co., Ltd. 1454, AlKhobar 11431 ectrical & mechanical equipments&communication
Saudi Arabian Technicians Co. 153, AlKhobar petroleum & petrochemical industries technical services
Branch of Mobil Saudi Arabian Co. 5335, Jeddah 2142 providing management & technical services to Mobil Co. projects
Arabian Resource Sciences Co. 1272, AlKhobar 31952
constuction & engineering preparation, management, maintenance & training
Saudi Arabian King Wilkinson Co., Ltd. 1110, AlKhobar 31952
installation, maintenance of industrial projects
Parsons Saudi Arabian co. 8037, Jeddah 21482
industrial contracts installation and maintenance
Fluor Arabian Co. 360, Dhahran 31932
engineering and construction projects
Saudi Technical Co. for Warehouses and cold Stores Contracts 360, Dhahran 31932
installation, maintenance of warehouses & cold stores (use of electronic brain)
Arabian International Telecommunications Co. 350, AlKhobar telecommunications set up and installation
P.R.C. Saudi Arabian Co. 264, Riyadh
management, execution & maintenance of technical projects
Sperry Arabian Co., Tld. 16371, Riyadh 11464
technological, military equipments; repair & building of ships & computer services
Branch of AT&T International Saudi Arabian Co. 4945, Riyadh 11421
communication systems operation & maintenance
Lockheed Middle East Services Co., Ltd. 2811, Riyadh 11461
space equipments, electronic systems & marine projects’ operation & maintenance;environmental protection
Arabian Teej Foxboro Co., Ltd. 647, Dammam 31421
installation, maintenance and operation of industrial production supervision equipments
Saudi Arabian Raytheon Co., Ltd. 2714, Riyadh
electronic and mechanical contracting
Branch of Saudi Arabian Boeing Co. , Ltd. 85319, Riyadh 11691
aeroplanes trining and support, aviation control; engineering, communication & defence
Honeywell Al Turky Arabian Ltd., Co. 136, Dammam 31411
hiring, installation & maintenance of products
Wiksico Co. for Accessories and Services, Ltd. 2824, Jeddah 21461
electronic accessories; hospitals management
Bugshan S. & W. Co., Ltd. 4639, Riyadh 11411
petrochemical, electrical, mechanical desalination projects
Otis Elevators Saudi Arabian Co. 4256, Jeddah 21491


installation & operation of Otis elevators
Saudi Brown Co., Ltd. 1716, Jeddah
constructional projects, engineering services, designs, industrial consultations, chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer industries
Western Electric Saudi Arabian Co. 42353, Riyadh 11541
telecommunication equip-ments maintenance/repair
Harco Arab Co., Ltd. 444, Dhahran 31932
electrical protection
Branch of Exxon, Saudi Arabian Co. 4584, Riyadh 11412
computer and medical services;coordination & implementation of Exxon projects
Branch of Blount International Saudi Arabian Co., Ltd. 32, Riyadh
buildings, mechanical and electrical contracts
Branch of Rockwell Systems International, Inc. 2375, Riyadh 11451
installation, maintenance & operation of electrical equipments
Industrial Waste Treatment and Transformation Co. 10628, AlJubail 31961 industrial waste treatment and transformation utilities
International Protopluss Co. 91683, Riyadh 11643
spare parts and plastic products
Branch of ISCOSA

Industries and Maintenance Co., Ltd.

1032, Yanbu 31431 electrical equipments repair and overhauling
Vico Arab Co., Ltd. 52198, Riyadh 11563 drainage water treatment, construction and oil drilling
Saudi American Co. for Plants Development 1806, Dammam 31441 plant production
Basil Arab Co., Ltd. 5315, Riyadh 11444 support services, operation and maintenance of hospitals & labs;electrical and mechanical installation
TASC Arab Co., Ltd. 1113, Dammam 31411 engine systems and related services
FMC Arab Co., Ltd. 9175, Riyadh 11413 specialized vehicles Installation & maintenance
Saudi Arabian Foster Wheeler Co., Ltd. Jeddah construction & mechanical contracts
Dyna Arabian Co., Ltd. 40372, Riyadh 11499
mechanical, electrical, & electronic equipments and installation;telecommunica-tion;hospital operation;industrial safety & security installation & engineering works
Saudi Company for Strategic Services 88014, Riuyadh 11662 operation & maintenance of specialist compounds & related training services
Chrysler Technologies Middle East Ltd., Branch Riyadh computer and electronic systems, testing control and aircraft amendment aviation systems
Branch of BDM International, Inc. Riyadh computer & communication systems installation, operation, & maintenance
Ali Ridha Andrew Communication Co., Ltd. 8, Jeddah 21411 electronic and satellite & microwave network systems
Branch of Martin Marietta Overseas Corporation Riyadh products and their affiliates operations and maintenance
Saudi Test Co., Ltd. 321, AlKhobar 31952 installation and maintenance of oil well control boards
TRW Systems Arab Co., Ltd. 52876, Riyadh 11573 providing systems, services and support to aviation equipments & space
Branch of Sheraton Middle East Management Corp. 6988, Riyadh
hotel & restaurant mangement & operation
International Arab Shipping Co. 5335, Jeddah 21422
crude oil & liquid petroleum products (including gas and chemicals) shipment
Al-Khodary FB & D Technologies Co. 3589, AlKhobar 31952 construction, administration & maintenance related to assemby & distribution of gases & liquids through industrial petroleum pipes
Circle Freight International Al-Sueiket Co., Ltd. 20680, Al0thogba 31952


loading, unloading and storing works in ports
Al-Rasheed Taylor Diving Co., Ltd. 539, Dhahran
marine construction support & maintenance
Saudi Marine Ships Co. 618, Dhahran 31932
proprietorship, operation & maintenance of land equipments & ships
Branch of International Pan American Airways Co. 6, AlKhobar 31932
international flights
Hughes Saudi Arabian Co. Riyadh support & coordination for Hughes Aircraft group
Saudi American Bank 833, Riyadh 11421
banking services
Saudi Investment Bank 3533, Riyadh 11481
banking services
Arabian Tims Co., Ltd. 1779, Dhahran 31952
construction maintenance and operations
Saudi Charter Medical Co., Ltd. 20598, Riyadh 11465


hospitals and health care management, operation and maintenance
Colombia HCA Saudi Arabian Co., Ltd. 41726, Riyadh 11531 hospitals and health care management, operation and maintenance
Dermal and Plastic Surgery Hospital 52665, Riyadh 11573 establishing 10 bed capacity hospital for dermal diseases and plastic surgery
Bovis Somac Co., Ltd. 8460, Riyadh 11482 programming and organizing of oil constructional activities
Dames & Moore Saudi Arabian Co. 2384, Riyadh 11451


weather and soil testing and water desalination
Arabian Co. for Environment Service 1351, Jeddah meteorology, marine, environmental science & pollution control installation, peration & maintenance
Arabian Center Co., Ltd. 15665, Riyadh 11454 computer programs and systems
Saudi Brown and Root Co., Ltd. 52926, Riyadh 11573
project management and operation
Branch of McDonnel Douglas Middle East Co., Ltd. 753, Riyadh 11421
technical services and maintenance
Branch of Grant Geophysical Inc. 257, Dammam 31411
geophysical survey
Branch of Dicicon Geophysical Corp. Co. Dammam Geophysical Survey (SEISMIC)
Branch of Geophysical Services, Inc. 93, Dhahran 31932
petroleum & mineral exploration services; data collection & marine services
Amatech Co., Ltd. 8300, Jeddah 21482
environmental contracts research and study
S.G. Penney Middle East Co. 26401, Jeddah 11486 Oxidation & corrosion of metals
Saudi American Soil Analysis, Testing and Study Co., Ltd. 642, Riyadh 11421
lab for soil analysis, testing & study
Saudi Arabian Thermo Electron Co. 8772, Riyadh 11482
electricity generating plants;electronic power transmission network, research, development , technology and construction
American Western Geophysical Co., Branch 1927, AlKhobar 31952


soil testing on ground & undersea for petroleum excavation
Tetra Tech Saudi Arabia Co. 6393, Jeddah sea and land survey & operation
Geophysical Services Inc. Saudi Arabian Ltd. 93 AlKhobar 31932
seismic data of oil, water & mineral resources (collection & analysis)
Arabian Vinnell Co. 42086, Riyadh 11541 logistic support;moderniza-tion & repair of military equipments
Saudi Arabian Sikorsky Aircraft Co., Ltd. 87059, Jeddah 11642
aircraft & security equipments technical services and maintenance
Arabian Bell Helcopters Co. 41699, Riyadh 11531
maintenance and operation for helicopters
Arabian McDonnell Douglas Co., Ltd. 61620, Riyadh 11575 mechanical, design & electrical works and management on military equipments
Lear Siegler Arabian Co., Ltd. 9260, Riyadh 11413 providing aircraft maintenance and operation services
UNC Aviation Service Arab Co., Ltd. Jeddah aircraft maintenance and operation
Saudi Arabian Christensen Co. 244, Dhahran 31932
petroleum and water wells equipments
General Dynamics International Corporation 4288, Riyadh 11491 coordination and training on joint projects
Beverage Services Inc. Co. 11414, Jeddah 21453
support and training of Pepsi-Cola packing workers
Saudi Trainex Co., Ltd. 7115, Riyadh 11462
health services training
Branch of SaudiTEXACO Co. 5572, Riyadh 11432
administration/coordination of TEXACO project including medical services and training on workers
Saudi American Sports Training and Management 3040, Riyadh 21147
sports training
Arabian Agricultural Co., Ltd. 2615, Jeddah
agricultural landscaping projects & maintenance




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